These are the general contest rules for KRANKk's remix contest Everybody's Sick.

If there are special competition rules for a competition, these general rules apply in addition to the special rules. In case of contradiction between these rules and the special competition rules, the special rules take precedence.


  1. Introduction
    These contest rules set out the general rules regarding the participation conditions for all contests KRANKk organises via its website, other online channels (such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) or in any other way.

If specific conditions apply to a contest, a special contest rules will be drawn up for that contest. The provisions of a special contest rules take precedence over any other provisions of these general contest rules.

KRANKk is a VZW, with registered office at Kempenstraat 5 3650 Rotem and registered in the Register of Legal Entities under the number 0701636731.

  1. Conditions of participation

2.1. In principle, anyone who is 18 years of age or older at the time of the competition can take part in a KRANKk competition. 

Minors may only take part in a contest if they have the express consent of both parents or their guardian. If a minor participates in a contest, KRANKk assumes that he/she has the consent of his/her parents or guardian.

If the minor is unable to provide this consent, he or she may be denied further participation in the contest at any time, or his/her right to a prize may be withdrawn.

2.2. With the exception of any communication costs associated with participation (e.g. paid fixed number, SMS, MMS, ...), the participant does not owe KRANKk any compensation or contribution for participation in a competition.

2.3. Only one member of the same family in the sense of a small family or living at the same address can win a prize in the context of the same competition.

2.4. Anyone who is declared the winner of a contest without fully meeting all the conditions for participation automatically loses their right to the prize, without entitlement to compensation and without any recourse.

  1. Contest history

3.2. In the event that the competition concerns a creative contribution by the participant, such as a photograph, drawing (or painting), text or video, the winner or winners will be determined by KRANKk in accordance with the assessment criteria set by the participant.

By participating in a contest with creative input, the participant grants KRANKk permission to make this creative input, without any compensation being due, and without any limitation in time and space: Publish on the KRANKk website(s) (adapted or not for mobile use) and other online channels (such as Facebook, YouTube, instagram, ticktock ...); incorporate these programmes into radio and television programmes and have them broadcast in any technical way, linear or on-demand, or have them broadcast on his or her own initiative, as well as reproduce them (or have them reproduced) on any medium and distribute them (or have them distributed).

The participant declares to have the necessary rights (intellectual property rights and personality rights) to allow this use of his creative contribution and indemnifies KRANKk against all possible claims in connection with his creative contribution. This means that a creative contribution must be original, may only have been created by the participant(s) and may not in any way include copyrighted or otherwise protected material of third parties (unless he/she has all necessary permissions from the rightful claimants).

KRANKk is under no circumstances obliged to actually publish and use a creative contribution and may remove a creative contribution at any time and for any reason.

  1. Prices
    4.1. The prize may not be exchanged or converted into cash by any means whatsoever.

4.2. KRANKk may change a price at any time for production or content reasons.

4.3. The prize is limited to the "naked" prize as defined in particular contest rules or in any other way. It can in no way be assumed that KRANKk would provide or award additional services or products linked to the prize.

4.4. If the price includes the right of admission to take part in a specific activity (such as an event, guided visit, etc.), the price also includes this right of admission alone, unless stated otherwise. It is the organiser of the activity who determines all the conditions. He can, for example, ask to be present at a certain time or place, limit the access right in time. If, for whatever reason, the winner is unable to be present at the required time, he or she cannot claim compensation or compensation from KRANKk and/or the organiser.

If the organiser cancels the activity for any reason whatsoever, the winner will not be entitled to an alternative prize or monetary compensation.

4.5. If the prize is a gift voucher, its validity may be limited in time.If, for whatever reason, the winner is unable to exchange the gift card before the expiry of its validity, he or she is not entitled to any compensation or compensation from KRANKk and/or the organizer.

4.6. If the price concerns objects for which a guarantee scheme applies, the right to a guarantee must be exercised directly with the manufacturer, importer or seller.

4.7. If the price concerns a trip, the participant must be at least 18 years of age (or accompanied by an adult) and in possession of a valid travel document. Travel insurance and personal expenses are not paid for by KRANKk, unless this is stated in the specific description of the price. The departure date of the trip is determined in consultation with the person offering the trip (travel provider), i.e. he determines all conditions of departure, not the winner of the trip.

The winner has a certain period of time to record the trip. The winner who, for whatever reason, does not take the trip, cannot claim any compensation from KRANKk and/or the organizer. The prize is then available back to KRANKk and/or the organizer.

The trip won is always in the name of the winner and may not be exchanged or converted into cash in any way whatsoever.  It is also forbidden to offer the prize free of charge or to offer it in an auction in any way, including (but not limited to) on internet sites. If it turns out that the winner nevertheless offers the prize for sale, KRANKk has the right to withdraw or reclaim the prize. The winner then makes no claim to compensation or compensation. The prize is then available back to KRANKk and/or organizer.

  1. Liability of KRANKk

5.1. KRANKk is not responsible for any damage, bodily injury or accident that may occur as a result of winning a prize and/or participating in a competition.

5.2. KRANKk is not responsible for not being able to deliver a prize if the participant provided insufficient, incomplete or incorrect contact details during participation.

5.3 KRANKk is not responsible for any defects of the mail and/or courier companies when delivering a prize
(such as delay, damage, strike or loss). For example, if a prize is sent by registered mail or courier and it
cannot be handed over to the winner, KRANKk is not responsible if the winner does not pick up his prize at a
later time. Even if, for example, the message is lost, or damaged in an unacceptable way, KRANKk cannot be held liable.

When delivering a prize for which urgency applies (such as the right of access to an event), the participant may be asked to be available at a certain time. In the event of inaccessibility, KRANKk may award the prize
to another participant, without any recourse.

If the prize is not collected by the winner within the allotted period, or if he fails to complete the required (confirmation) formalities within the allotted period, the participant's right to the prize expires and
KRANKk may award the prize to another participant, without any recourse.

5.4. Printing, game-, typesetting or other errors as well as technical problems (including e.g. e-mail communication) cannot be invoked as grounds for any obligation or liability whatsoever on the part of KRANKk.

5.5. If KRANKk is forced to postpone, shorten or revoke a competition, change the competition rules or change the competition formula, KRANKk can in no way be held liable for this.

5.6. Should the course of this competition be disrupted by a technical incident, KRANKk will make every effort to neutralise these disruptive effects. KRANKK cannot be held liable for any disadvantage that would result from these technical incidents. KRANKk's decision and result are final and binding.

5.7. KRANKk is not liable for incidents that would result from the acceptance of the prize by the winner.
KRANKk cannot be held responsible or liable for any defect in the prize or if the prize does not meet the expectations created.

5.8. The exclusion or limitation of VRT's liability in this article does not affect the fact that VRT shall
in all cases be liable for its deliberate act or gross negligence or that of its employees or agents or for
the non-execution of its main obligations under the contest.

  1. Personal data

6.1. The personal data of the participants will be processed by KRANKk.

These data are subject to the law of 30 July 2018 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and all Belgian regulations implementing the GDPR.

6.2. By taking part, participants agree that if they win a prize, they may appear on the website and other online channels (such as YouTube, Facebook, ...), as well as the website and online channels of any co-organizers, as well as in the written press, and may be filmed for a (television) report on the competition.

  1. Monitoring of the competition and decisions

7.1. KRANKk will supervise the correct course of the race. In case not all conditions of the regulations are met or in case of abuse, deception, fraud or bad faith, KRANKk reserves the right to exclude the participant in question from the competition and to exclude him or her - whether or not definitively - from other competitions of KRANKk.

In such cases, KRANKk also reserves the right to ask the participant for a refund of any prize already handed over and to claim compensation for damages suffered by KRANKk (including image damage).

7.2. The result of a contest is binding and irrevocable. It cannot be contested. There can be no correspondence (by letter, e-mail or telephone) with KRANKk or the organizer of the competition about the result and the course of the competition. Decisions on the designation of winners are final.

  1. Co-organizers

If a competition is organized together with one or more parties, the provisions of these rules referring to KRANKk should be read as referring to both KRANKk and the co-organizer(s).

  1. The regulations

9.1. By participating in KRANKk competitions, the participant fully accepts these competition rules and all decisions KRANKk will make in connection with the competition. All additional communications in connection with the competition are considered to be points of regulation.

9.2. If required, KRANKk may amend these general competition rules. These rules will be published on KRANKk's website and can be printed there if desired.